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How Do Tastings Work?

Tastings are scheduled based on mutual availability, scroll down to self schedule, call or email to schedule yours.  The tasting fee is $10 payable in advance of your tasting.  See our Paypal link below to pay your tasting fee.  I keep the tasting fee low to make tastings accessible for all, however please note that your tasting fee is non-refundable.

What Dates Are You Available?

This is a one woman cake shop.  While this means you will get all of my attention and top notch service start to finish, it also means I may not always be available for your date. In order to provide the best product and service possible I do limit the number of cake orders I take.  I recommend booking your wedding cake 4-6 months out and smaller cakes at least 2 weeks in advance. Contact me for availability. 

How Do I Lock In My Date?

Your date/order is not guaranteed until it is locked in. For weddings and large events this means a signed contract and 25% deposit.  For smaller cakes, a confirmed and completed order form is required, a 25% deposit is required for cakes over $150

What Does Licensed and Inspected Home Business Mean?

This means my home kitchen has to follow sanitation rules set forth by the NC Dept of Agriculture and has been inspected along with my water tested for bacteria.  I also carry the liability insurance that many facilities require outside vendors to have.  It's a home business, but a serious business, not just a hobby.

What Is Your Background & Experience?

I began working in bakeries over 20 years ago and I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts, so my passion for cake decorating was a natural.  I went into the corporate sector for a bit, but my love of decorating and baking kept me making cakes for friends and family on the weekends.  I also loved to cook & entertain so eventually I opened my own mobile wedding catering & cake company in Illinois in 2004.  When a job opportunity for my husband  brought us to Greensboro in 2009 I opened up Amy's Cakes to focus again on my favorite part- CAKES!

Do You Rent Cake Stands?

Yes, I have a wide variety of cake and cupcake stand rental options.  Stand rentals are $25 with a cake order, $45 without.  I also have some cake toppers, platters and service items available for rent.  All rentals require a $50 refundable deposit, refunded upon return of undamaged equipment. 


Whole Cake Pricing

Cakes are priced as a whole cake not per slice. This allows you to know exactly what your cake will cost when you order it. Pricing is based off of four major factors:

Size, Complexity of the design, Icing & Cake & Filling Selections.  You can mix & match a different flavor for each tier or 2dz cupcakes with no additional fees. Local delivery is included in all wedding & large cake orders, nominal additional fees may apply for areas outside of Greensboro.  Delivery fees for smaller cakes are reasonable and vary based on location.

Pricing Samples

While each cake is priced separately based on the areas listed above here are price ranges where the average buttercream cake tends to fall. (Serving sizes approximate, pricing for budgeting purposes only.)

Serves 75 $270-$350

Serves 100 $350-$450

Serves 150 $520-$700

Serves 200 $635-$800

Budget Cakes

On a very tight budget but still want a tasty, professionally done cake?  The solution may be a budget cake from Amy's Cakes.  Budget cakes are un-decorated buttercream iced cakes, all one flavor (white, yellow or chocolate) with buttercream filling.  If you provide flowers they will be placed upon delivery at no extra charge.  Budget cakes have no variance in pricing as there are no custom designs or variety- serving sizes approximate. 

Serves 75 $190

Serves 100 $250

Serves 150 $365

Serves 200 $510


Cake Tasting Fee


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Please wait to receive your schedule confirmation before you play your tasting fee.  Tasting fees are non-refundable.

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